The Importance of Local Parties

Iowa is at a cross road. Last year’s election put the State of Iowa under the GOP’s control. This has lead to our schools and our public workers suffering. Now more than ever do we need to step up and be involved. We have the opportunity and the ability to make a difference in our friends, family, and neighbor’s lives by doing what we can, when we can at a local level. People believe that politics a immoral thing that happens far away from them and far away from their control. We can prove to them that they have a great amount of influence to do what they want to do and to show that politics can be an effective tool to accomplish that. The Democratic Party in Louisa County can be the tool that they need to have their voices heard. We can be that voice, we can be that difference in people’s lives. To make it easier for them and for the generations after them. That is why local parties are important. That is why we need to get to work, why we cant stand at the cross road. Its time to move in the right direction.