2021 Biannual Organizational Meeting

3/11/2021 Our monthly meeting conference call was held tonight. We enjoyed a lively conversation about current events. Our discussions of plans for the summer included the possibility of being able to meet in person perhaps in May or June. The Biannual Organizational meeting included the election of central committee members. Congratulations to our newly elected and returning central committee members. Thank you for serving.

Chair Sally Walker-Jondal,
Vice Chair Angie Manes,
Treasurer Paula Buckman
Secretary Jill Forbes
I look forward to working with all of you.
We would also like to give our thanks and gratitude to our former central committee members for your years of service, I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to us continuing our efforts.. Don and
Dianne Foor, T Jill Cecil and Carol Gillette. 

County Central Committee Officers Elected

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting on Thursday night. We elected our county officers. Please welcome Carol Gillette as our new Vice Chair and our Re-elected Treasures Paula Buckman, Secretary T Jill Cecil and Chair Sally Walker-Jondal. Our next meeting is May 9th at CJ city hall at 4:30.

Looking to the future

As we watched election results come in Tuesday night the results were not what we hoped for. Not what we worked for.  But that is not the true reality.  We registered a lot of new first time voters. We enabled lots of elderly voters to receive their absentee ballot who otherwise would not have gotten to vote. We informed every person we talked to on the issues, candidates, polling places and the importance of their vote.  Many of us made phone calls and door knocked for the very first time and we met some amazing people along the way.  One of those people was candidate Lanny Hillyard and I want to congratulate him on working extremely hard and running a honest and positive campaign.  Lanny continued to put out a positive message even as Dave Kerr and the Iowa Republican Party spent over $20,000 on false attack ads on the local radio stations and mass mailers.

Now let’s look at what we did accomplish.  We have recovered control of the national House of Representatives by re-electing Dave Loebsack and (this is huge) replacing David Young (R) with Cindy Axne (D) and Rob Blum (R) with Abby Finkenauer (D).  Our collective work also won Rob Sands for Iowa state auditor and several seats in the Iowa House of Representatives and kept Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald and Attorney General Tom Miller

I know you wanted to win it all and so did I. We wanted to get that big payoff for all our hard work.  Then we could sit back and breath a sigh of relief and slip back into our “normal” life, at least until 2020.

If you were sitting there as the results came in with dismay and not understanding how or why?  If you wished there was something more you could’ve done but your life is so busy.  If you are fed up with the news from D.C. and worried about what’s going to happen in Des Moines you are not alone.  So what does this mean for us? What do we do now?  It means we must band together and start preparing for 2020. Now is the time to build our party. WE CAN NOT DISAPPEAR! WE CAN NOT GIVE UP!  I firmly believe we must be an active positive part of our community all year long, every year and not just show up every 2 or 4 years asking for votes.   I need everyone one of you to help me. I need you to make a commitment to be a part of the fight.  There are so many small things you can do to be involved and make a difference.  Please join us and I will show you how.

Do you know your precinct and your Iowa Congressional districts?

If you want to keep yourself informed politically it’s important to know your precinct and your Iowa congressional districts. Do You know what precinct you live in? Below is a link to a map of the Louisa County precincts.

louisa county 2010 precinct map

Do you know what Iowa Senate and House district Louisa County is in?  Louisa County is in House district 88 and Senate district 44.  Below is a map of House district 88.  Senate district 44 covers all of House district 88 plus the cities of Burlington and West Burlington which are House district 87.

You can also get this information and confirm you are registered to vote by using the Iowa Secretary of State website by following the link below.


The Importance of Local Parties

Iowa is at a cross road. Last year’s election put the State of Iowa under the GOP’s control. This has lead to our schools and our public workers suffering. Now more than ever do we need to step up and be involved. We have the opportunity and the ability to make a difference in our friends, family, and neighbor’s lives by doing what we can, when we can at a local level. People believe that politics a immoral thing that happens far away from them and far away from their control. We can prove to them that they have a great amount of influence to do what they want to do and to show that politics can be an effective tool to accomplish that. The Democratic Party in Louisa County can be the tool that they need to have their voices heard. We can be that voice, we can be that difference in people’s lives. To make it easier for them and for the generations after them. That is why local parties are important. That is why we need to get to work, why we cant stand at the cross road. Its time to move in the right direction. 

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new home of the Louisa County Democratic Party. First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our new website. Since the end of July, our team has been working hard to put together this project. Because our county is small, it is hard to get the word out about our cause. Since we have a website, we can now keep people in Louisa County more up to date on events, fundraising, our values, and more.