Our Values

"Out of many, we are one."

The Louisa County Democratic Party makes incremental changes by unifying the many people in our county as one voice. By cooperating with one another, we avoid conflict and building walls by bridging the gaps between one another. We are stronger together.

Supporting Working Families

We believe in equal pay for all people in Louisa County, regardless of gender. In addition, we also believe every parent with a new child should get paid leave for work and also get paid sick leave.

Protecting and Expanding on Social Security

Many senior citizens rely on Social Security. Without it, over half of America’s seniors would be in poverty. It’s our job to fight for these rights for our seniors. 

Investing in Rural America

Many hard working people in this county are farmers. We will work to give farmers more opportunities to protect and enhance their farms.

Providing a Quality Education

It is imparative that children, no matter who they are or where they’re from, have access to a high-quality education.  We believe our schools should be available to every single child in Louisa County. 

Quality Healthcare You Can Afford

Every citizen of Louisa County should have access to quality health care they can afford. No one should be left behind; everyone deserves to have access to the medicine and treatments they need.